Your Journey

Some folks know what their goal is and need to figure out how to get there. Some folks have been sitting with a sense of knowing or longing that they need space to tune into and understand. Whatever it is you want in your life, our coaching space will be a safe place to explore what you truly want, what might be getting in your way, and how to build a way forward to the life you truly want. 

I will approach our coaching relationship through honest, direct, and intentional partnership. Whether in a one-to-one coaching relationship or small group sessions, my approach is person- and relationship-centered. I will enter our relationship with kindness and curiosity. As a coach, I see my role as a mirror, honestly reflecting on where you are and supporting you in discovering where you are going, and holding you lovingly accountable to achieving your dreams.  

Career Coaching

Are you thinking about switching jobs? Maybe wondering if you should apply for that promotion. Perhaps you are wondering if you should switch careers. I am here to help and support you on this journey.    

Trans and Gender non-conforming transition coach.

When I realized I was transgender in 2008 at the age of 24 I did not know any other trans people that looked like me or even had a similar background. Over fourteen years later I am still learning, changing, and growing. As a trans and gender non-confirming transition coach, I am here to support you on your journey with the understanding and knowledge that this journey varies from person to person.

Neurodivergent Coaching

Learning that you are neurodivergent later in life can be an incredible and yet scary time in your life. As a coach, we can explore what this means for your journey. Need support thinking about access needs at work or school? Need help coming out to family and friends? These are just a few of the ways I can support you.